Wednesday, January 21, 2015

IBM Should Buy Blackberry

            Let me admit from the start I am a big fan of John Chen and what he has been doing at Blackberry.  My view is simple.  There is a difference between the way an executive or an attorney uses a handset and the way young people use them.  If you want to swap photos and videos, check Facebook, or surf the internet - Apple and Android are the way to go.  But if you want to exchange secure emails as quickly and efficiently as possible Blackberry has a far superior solution.  Even the handsets, with their external keyboards, are better.  The new Classic and Passport are the best email devices available today.

            This brings me to part two.  IBM should buy Blackberry.  Providing services to corporations and professionals is what IBM does best.  As such, it cannot afford to not be in the communications business.  Properly developed, hopefully with John Chen still on board, Blackberry can make them a leader in that field.  IBM has been struggling to grow.  Buying Blackberry, even at $15 per share, is a far more optimistic use of its cash than buying more IBM shares.

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