Sunday, June 12, 2016

One more thing on Apple

      I know I am a broken record regarding Apple's policy of secret development followed by grand introductions  but I fear it has lead them to ignore small piecemeal upgrades.  I put the following in that category.

Failure to routinely upgrade Apple TV
Letting the MacPro die by not improving the data ports and not introducing a 5k external display
Ditto on the data ports for the iMac
Delaying 13 and 15 MacBook upgrades for too long
Going years without introducing new wireless routers
Letting Siri fall behind competing products

      I'll bet if you think for a while you can come up with other examples.  I can live with Apple working on secret products like a car for "grand introductions" if they feel they must.  But as a recurrent shareholder I cannot accept the slow process of basic innovation.  The company has too much talent to dwaddle like this.

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